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Magic Paper Art by Eric Standley

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Paper has always inspired artists. Someone paints disposable paper cups, creating real masterpieces, and others create amazing paper sculptures. Eric Standley is an artist and teacher at the faculty of arts at Virginia Tech (USA). Once performing a private order, he combined several laser cut patterns for packing cornflakes in a chaotic manner. The result made him continue the experiment and combine perforated decor in a certain regularity.

Three-Dimensional Paper Art by Eric Standley

Paper Art by Eric Standley

Laser Cut Paper Art by Eric Standley

I did not imagine that I would get something like stained glass. Yes, I have always admired the Gothic and Islamic architecture, their complex exquisite ornamentation and decorative frame for windows, but I’ve always seen them as two-dimensional. Voids in carved plates when applied at each other, as a result, formed the volume, which creates three-dimensional look,” the artist says about his discovery.

Islamic architecture inspired Eric Standley to create a luxurious decor – multiwall stained paper, resembling oriental motifs.

Eric makes all sketches in a graphics program CorelDraw, and then cuts the desired contours of paper, cleans up the edges and places layers on top of each other. The whole process takes a very long time.

One sketch in the graphics editor can take about a month. Then he adds all papers together in layers, plays with color, shape, sizes of the details.

Eric uses hundreds of sheets of paper, subsequently treated with laser to create dense geometric patterns.

Looking at these 3D stained paper from afar you plunge into a meditative tale. Every product looks as a single carved block of paper.

Refinement and originality that the artist reaches in his work is the result of jewelry approach and painstaking work. Mix of patterns and backgrounds (e.g., water) generates almost cosmic association.

The artist plans to work with handmade paper, as well as rice or transparent paper.


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