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Lovely Green Spanish Interiors

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It is remarkable on how the people who live in big urbanite societies tend to strive for privacy and enclosure into the urban world. Another architectural and interior designing creation is achieved in this marvelous Spanish apartment by Egue & Seta, who have made a surprisingly lovely green interior!

Living by the Market by Egue & Seta

“Living by the Market” is a unique interior decorating project brought to life by Egue & Seta. It is located in Santa Caterina, Spain and it wonderfully combines the impossible opposites in a new exciting manner. The urban apartment is transformed into a contemporary dwelling, with an inner garden by means of several techniques. The whole area of the apartment is expanded into a great subdivisions of public and private spots.
Nonetheless, the most prominent feature in this apartment is of course the greenery. The greenery confined into the glass walls serves as a room divider in several of the rooms. This way, the public space of the dining room, for instance gradually transforms into the privacy of the bedroom. This seaming openness and lack of hallways creates a continuous space united and divided at the same time!
Moreover, there are a lot of public spaces, such as a dining room, living room, balconies, however because of these transitional ivy in the glass walls, the apartment appears to be a labyrinth. The bedroom, as mentioned earlier is equipped with such a wall, and has also access to the balcony, where there is another green provocation – the streets and the outdoor greenery.
Overall, the interior design of this Spanish apartment is rather eclectic, but mostly rustic. The green as a leading color of the theme seems to be complemented by the black and white of the walls, and occasional blue of the fluorescent lights. At some point, the interior is even industrial, with the awesome lighting fixtures overhead of the huge rustic dining table. Moreover, the green candles make this interior really complete and serene.

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