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Lesponne Barn Makeover

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See for yourself how the ordinary barn was transformed into a beautiful summer house in a heart of Lesponne, France.

Amazing Barn Makeover

This barn makeover took place in a little village of Lesponne, mountainous region of the Hautes-Pyrénées, where the French architect company Puig Pujol Architectures designed a stunning makeover of the former dull construction. The main purpose of this makeover was of the space extension, while maintaining the beautiful vistas and with all due respect to the rural setting of the house.

Among other rooms that were added to the preexisting stone structure, there are a guest room, multi-purpose room, along with a utility area and garage. The architect group suppressed the urge to make a topographical statement, while paying homage to the natural landscape of the area, thus the emerging building is hidden from the eyes of a stranger, yet offers much to see to the hosts.

A note from the Designers states:

As an echo to the tradition for setting mountain shelters against the incline of the hillside, our design explores the idea of partially buried living spaces. This not only enabled us to respect the integrity of the rural site, but also avoid creating a clash between the extension and the existing barn, by greatly reducing the volumetric impact of the new building within the landscape

Lesponne Barn Makeover


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