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Leopard Print in Interior Design

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Leopard print in the interior “animates” the overall design, making it more playful, extravagant and bright. Not everyone dares to bring “animal” touch to his living room, bedroom or other room. But if you love hot animal motifs and are ready to experiment, we can help you.

How to Use Leopard Print in Interior Design

Leopard print on the wall

Leopard print on the wall

The main thing to keep in mind is that you have to avoid overkill. Otherwise, the design of the room is in danger of becoming not luxury, but vulgar. It is always contrary to high fashion and simple good taste. Therefore, it is not desirable to do too much leopard accents. It is better to focus on two or three elements.


Rug or carpet imitating leopard color will look very good in rooms with only one color, preferably light wall finish. This flooring will be one of the main accents in the interior, so complementing it with other leopard parts is not recommended. If your house has a grand staircase, the carpet with spots will be very useful.


It is not necessary to use a natural leopard color pattern. You can use stylized drawing, executed in black and white or bright colors. Fortunately, modern wallpaper manufacturers give us in this matter a huge selection. And in some collections you can see animal prints that imitate not only color, but also the texture of wool.

Leopard spots also can be painted using a brush. They can decorate separate wall portions or the entire surface. The huge advantage of this option is that you can choose the size and color of spots, as well as their location. Only drawback is that to implement such a venture you need some artistic skills. If you do not have those, it’s best to seek professional help.


Leopard print in the interior is often presented in furniture upholstery. Thus, we can safely “play” even with classically decorated rooms, making it more striking and unusual. Moreover, if the animal print starts to annoy by his motley, you can always replace the upholstery. Therefore, this option can be called the most rational.


Fluffy leopard rug in the bedroom, small and cute cushions with leopard print on the couch in the living room or the light and airy curtains with leopard spots in tone with wall decoration – they all are original and unobtrusive accents that effectively reflect your love for animal motifs and will not “overload” the interior.


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  1. Lisa johns
    January 10, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Where can I find the leopard print blanket that’s on that bed ?