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Latis Bathroom from Omvivo

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Do you like exquisite and luxury bathroom decor collections from renowned designers? Then this post about Latis bathroom collection from Omvivo studio is for you!


Elegant Bathroom Decor Collection

This simplicist, yet very elegant bathroom collection strikes as a bold mixture of elegancy and rustic styles. Latis is the latest bathroom decor collection from the Australia based company Omvivo. The collectiuon includes varios basins, the trestle vanity and of course a bath tub! What else is there to need in the bathroom!

Apart from being simplistic and stylish, the Latis bathroom collection is very masculine, featuring many straight lines and lack of color. The bath tub also has a oak timber optional shelves, where the personal items can be stored. Each basin and extra trestle vanity is in harmony with general lack of textures, colors and materials. The only materials present are of natural stone and wood.

Latis, what from celtic mythology means a name of a Water Goddess has turned really bold, yet somehow elegant and minimalistic. The incredible straight lines each item and eco-friendly materials can become very attractive to any contemporary design fan.

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