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Latest Trend: Invisible Interior

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There are many new trends in the field of interior design that we see in recent years. One of these innovations was the so-called “invisible” interior. Let’s find out, what is its fundamental difference from other styles of interior design and whether we can make inclusions of some of its elements in the usual interior.

Latest Trend in Interior Design: Invisible Interior

Transparent TV screen

Transparent TV screen

It should be noted that the emergence of this new trend in interior design became possible mainly due to the emergence of high technology and the development of modern building materials.

To some extent, an “invisible” interior can be called a successor of the minimalist style with its usual manner to hide all unnecessary stuff.

White walls; absence of such details as sockets, switches, door handles; furniture that blends with the walls or completely “disappear” after performing the desired function – all this characterizes the “invisible” interior.

The principal difference from the trendy high-tech style is that the modern TV screen or new speakers are the pride of their owner and exhibited in a conspicuous place in the high tech style interior. “Invisible” interior, by contrast, seeks to conceal such elements while retaining its maximum functionality. Thanks to this design of the rooms there is an impression that the rooms are “flowing” into one another.

In addition, an “invisible” interior is a perfect solution for small apartments. This approach to interior design enables maximum space optimization without sacrificing functionality of the apartment.

Transparent bathtub

Transparent bathtub

Using of transparent furniture from glass or plastic is one of the most popular techniques used to create an “invisible” interior. It is almost invisible, creates a feeling of weightlessness and airiness. Also embedded storage systems are actively used. After performing its function, they are easy “hidden” in the wall. The main thing is with integrated appliances. So guests are unlikely to immediately find shelves for clothes or oven in the room, furnished in this style.

Of course, it is difficult to call such interior cozy, but some moments are quite successfully used in a conventional design.


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