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Kitchen Updating Ideas

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Kitchen is one of the most important part of the house, as we spend there quite a lot of time, if we like cooking. But whether you like it or not, our kitchens get old and at times the changes are needed. If you think that your kitchen needs major updating, we will help you with providing some basics you need to know!

Kitchen Updating Tips

Everything has its lifespan, even kitchen do. While you might be right about replacing the pipes and the faucets, the style of the kitchen can stay the same for generations to come, and if you would want to change it, it would cost so much! However, there are certain things you could do! First of all, take a look around and see what needs to be changed primarily. One of the things you need to be looking for are – the cabinets, faucets, floors, tabletops, lighting fixtures and window treatments.
Now, if the pipes replacing is quite a project that would require you spending a lot of money, that is not really neccessary if you feel that the pipes are fine. However, if the faucets are leaking, and there are a lot of stains on it – one way to deal with is replacing it, which can actually be done by yourself. Now, if your floor is fine, but you just want to make it look different, one of the ways to update it is to lay self-adhesive vinyl tiles on top.
Now, the lights are really important feature of any modern kitchen. Try installing small lights above the kitchen cabinets and installing track lighting is relatevely easy and inexpensive. Also think about the window treatment. Being in a kitchen for long time, the fabric might get stains and it is always better to choose new inexpensive fabric to replace the window treatment.
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However, one of the major things that will make your kitchen look different is changing the color of the walls and refinishing the kitchen cabinets. While changing the color of the walls is both easy and hard, consider other small projects that are relatively easy and inexpensive. Introduce a chalkboard site to your kitchen, or make a DIY wall clock. Both would look very unique and inviting. As on the kitchen cabinet refining it is the also an important project to do. One way to refine them is to buy new cabinets, or just doors to the cabinets. If that is too much, you can always stain or paints the cabinets. However, as adviced by Anthony Carrino, who co-hosts HGTV’s “Kitchen Cousins” and also works in a sphere of kitchen updating, so as adviced by a professional, it is better to stain the cabinets by yourself and if you decide to paint the cabinets – hire a professional.

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