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Kitchen Layout Types

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Are you in search of a perfect kitchen layout? There are many different variations of kitchen layouts, presenting many opportunities. This post will help you navigate in the various kitchen design types, helping to choose the right one!


Kitchen design Variations

While thinking of creating a kitchen of your dream, you might have heard or seen that there are so many kitchen design variations that you had started to doubt the while idea. But don’t worry, this post will help you out. First of all, think about your working process in the kitchen, how do you usually cook, eat and do other food oriented activities? Measure your space, and pick the best kitchen layout.If you have a clear idea on how you do it, then perhaps choosing the right type won’t be such a headache.
The first kitchen type is the L-shaped Style. As can be guessed from the name, the arrangement of the appliances and furniture is resembling the L letter. This arrangement allows for some space without traffic and is ideal for those who like to keep their working area without the unnecessary stuff.
Another type of the Kitchen layout is the U-shaped type. It is the same idea as the L shaped one, except for bigger surfaces. This layout is for those who like to spend their time cooking up some tasty delicious food. The U shaped layout, taking up more space , however displaying a perfect working arrangement for cooking process.
The Galley Arrangement, presenting the opposite walls for cooking can be a bit of a trouble. It has high level of traffic, which of course is not very desirable, because it would stop you from cooking. However, this type of arrangement is the choice of the professional chefs, maybe it is because of the big spaced kitchens?
Another type of the kitchen layout is the Island Kitchen. This type is most used if you have a big family, and are willing to communicate while cooking, as it offers two working spaces, one of which allows facing the society while working. This type of layout also requires quite a space to allow having two working places.
The last type in our list is the single line layout. Usually used with the small area available, the single line layout is not the best in terms of creating a perfect working space. However, sometimes that is the only available solution, in which case try placing the sink next to the oven. This would reduce the wanderings about the kitchen.

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  1. kurai magutshwa
    February 7, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    your kitchens are very nice really love the colours not so bright not so dull