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Interior Finishing in Wooden House

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Comfortable, eco-friendly, beautiful and original wooden houses always literally breathe by hospitality and comfort. Fortunately, the stereotype that the wooden houses are unreliable and short-lived, does not have grounds. Real facts suggest otherwise.

Types of Interior Finishing in Wooden House

Wooden blocks in interior finishing

Wooden blocks in interior finishing 

So if you decide to build a house, cottage or even a sauna of this warm and noble material, then do not give false fears confuse you. The main thing is to do the right thing. The main nuance in such construction is the interior finishing in a wooden house.

The construction market is packed with all kinds of finishing materials. But if we approach the issue more thoroughly, it becomes clear that not all of them may be applicable in the case of the wooden house.

For example, the customary drywall mounted on a wooden base, will begin to crack and crumble in a few years. This is due to the shrinking of the wood. Interior decoration of a wooden house with plasterboard is admissible only if the building was built of laminated veneer lumber, which does not require time for shrinkage. Therefore you can apply any decorative coating over the drywall. By the way, you can even use plaster without fear that it will fall.

Decorative wooden wall panels

Decorative wooden wall panels

One of the most popular options for interior decoration of wooden houses is lining. It looks like a convex log that corresponds to the general idea and looks great. The only downside of this option is the high cost. But there is a more economical but equally suitable option: a block-house or a decorative wall paneling. An alternative to the above examples can also be called a metal or plastic siding.

If you decided that the interior of the wooden house should be also made ​​of wood, it is very important to treat the material. To do this, you must use special mixtures and solutions to prevent rotting and the spread of fungus or pests.

Floor finish in a wooden house can be made of natural treated boards and parquet. The floor decking is also allowed. As for the traditional finish with tile or linoleum, it is not very appropriate in terms of design. Although people use tile in some cases. But it should be made of natural stone, not ceramic. Such floors can be found in wooden houses of country style fans.

Metal siding in interior finishing

Wood-looking metal siding in interior finishing


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