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Interior Design in Biomorphism Style

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Biomorphism is one of the most fresh and modern stylistic trends in design, founded by architect and sculptor Eero Saarinen. The interior in this style is not easy to create, but the result is definitely worth the efforts: everything is directed to peace and comfort of the person. Let’s look at what is typical for biomorphism style.

How to Create Interior Design in Biomorphism Style

Living room in biomorphism style

Living room in biomorphism style

Biomorphism in the interior: the basics

First of all, biomorphism implies space, so there is no way for cramped rooms, separated by walls with traditional doorways. Our eyes should slide freely in the outlines of the zones, smoothly flowing into each other. All sorts of transparent and translucent moveable partitions will be very appropriate. Thus, the interior should be separated into only two main areas: the private area (bedroom, bathroom, office) and the area for receiving guests (entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, dining room).

Biomorphism carries the idea of ​​unity with the world, the idea of ​​harmony. This is clearly expressed in the finished projects, where you can see not just large windows, but panoramic windows. Thus, the interior gently blends with the scenery outside the window, creating a single, clear picture. The abundance of light and space creates ideal conditions for psychological balance. If the view outside your windows is not so attractive, then use light curtains that will pass well sunlight.

Biomorphism: Finishing

It is important to strike the perfect balance. Nothing should persistently attract attention, but also nothing should drive into boredom. So, you can safely give preference to soft shades of bright colors, which will cause only positive emotions when combined with smooth forms. For example, purple or bright green wall decoration will go perfectly with the white floor.

By the way, since biomorphism refers to an organic direction in the design, then use natural materials and eco-friendly simulation in the finishing.

Biomorphism: furniture and accessories

The most interesting in biomorphism is furniture. Firstly, it should not be too much (you remember that the interior should not be overloaded). Secondly, it should be very easy to have an anatomical shape (the founder of biomorphism, Eero Saarinen studied sculpture). Third, all the furniture should have smooth, soft shapes. It is important to remember that the interior in the style of biomorphism carries a bit of the avant-garde, art-deco, eco-style and minimalism.

As for accessories, they also should not be too much. Typically, it is one or two large decorative elements.

Kitchen in biomorphism style

Kitchen in biomorphism style

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