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Interior Design for Car Enthusiasts

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True car enthusiasts can only be compared with the football fans or scrupulous numismatists. This is a special caste of people for whom a car is not just a means of transportation. It is no surprise that many of them would not mind to decorate their room like a garage, where they are willing to spend days and nights.

How to Make Interior Design for Car Enthusiasts

Cars theme home interior

Cars theme home interior

Wall and floor finishing

Interior for a car enthusiast is brutal and sometimes rough. That is why it is intended for men, as even the girls who love cars, unlikely to be willing to turn their living room into a garage. Based on this, we can say that decorating the walls, ceiling and floor have nothing in common with romantic style.

The walls in this room can be arranged in various ways. For example, a brick wall is the latest trend in the world of interior design. This is as close as possible to the motorist “garage” conditions. Any brutal elements of interior and decor will look just fine in conjunction with such walls. The walls painted in monochrome, gray-black and white tones also will help create the right atmosphere.

Floor covering should also not look too intrusive. Dark gray laminate or stone tile floor will look very good. Natural wooden floor also will be relevant if the color is in harmony with the wall finish.


If you think that a car-shaped bed is only for of little boys, you’re wrong. Modern designer furniture manufacturers can make a bed or couch, using half or a quarter of the Mercedes-Benz or BMW car, as a headboard or even a corpus.

Cars theme home interior

Cars theme home interior, sofa made of a car part

The catalogs of such companies can also contain unique models of coffee tables made ​​of automobile engines, wheels, tires or even the rear bumper of a Lamborghini. A true car enthusiast will come in real delight of such furniture and be proud of his interior.

Parts and accessories

The interior will not work without any decorative elements. You can hang car tires on the walls, use a clock as steering, and other original accessories. All kinds of flags with Formula 1symbols will look great in such interior.

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