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Interesting Use of Stickers in Interior

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We have devoted many articles to unusual ideas for decor and interior. But what could be easier than a conventional sticker? Today we will speak specifically about the stickers, with which you can quickly and easily decorate your home. A variety of options is so great that most likely your main problem will be the problem of choice.

8 Interesting Ideas of Using Stickers in Interior

Sticker and clock

Sticker and clock

Now, in order to refresh the interior, it is not necessary to do major repairs or rearrange furniture. It is enough to stick original vinyl stickers, not necessarily limited to walls. Stickers can be pasted on appliances or furniture. You can select one of the standard options offered by many companies, but you can order stickers on your own sketches.

We offer you ideas of unusual and creative use of stickers in the interior.

Sticker and clock

Combine the old clock mechanism with an interesting sticker. And the unusual wall clock is ready. If you get bored with the design, you can just stick another sticker.

Functional stickers- pockets

Another good idea is stickers-pockets. You can use them to put there different itmes, like headphones, keys, and, of course, the TV remote.

3D stickers

And here’s another interesting idea – surround sticker imitating a lamp or even gramophone.

Sticker with LEDs

In the continuation of the lamps theme, let’s consider this option. Designers have come up with stickers with lamps and LEDs, which are in harmony with a pattern.

Sticker with a recipe

There are a couple of stickers for culinary entertainers. You can stick a sticker with a recipe or a sticker with a chalkboard to write the recipe on it.

Sticker for corkscrew

This is a sticker with a hook for a corkscrew with instructions for use. So you will not forget, where you put it.

Sticker for hallway

This sticker is useful for hallways. It simulates a hanger for clothes. It is very comfortable for a small hallway.

Sticker for garage

Creativity of this kind should be interesting for anyone with a garage. If you see this sticker, you can immediately think that the garage is open, and inside there is a fighter, an elephant or something else, which you do not expect to see in a simple concrete garage.

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