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Industrial Interior Design Ideas

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If you want your interior to look like more brutal, or perhaps more creative with metal twist, perhaps you might consider industrial interior decorating. This post will give you most up to date ideas on achieving industrial interior design.


Metal inspired decor

Industrial style is characterized by an excessive use of metal surfaces, raw material and brutal aesthetics. Traditionally, industrial interior décor is used in big industrial lofts that were, it seems, just recently transformed into living space. So the most prominent feature is a presence of a big space, or perhaps a mere illusion of it. Using metal or raw wood interior décor items is also a brilliant idea in creating that raw touch. As you can guess the color palette is most definitely rusty, black, metallic with some tints of yellow.

The industrial interior can be achieved with just leaving rough unfinished walls, but usually our walls are already decorated. Don’t despair, that can be redecorated according to the industrial style. One idea of making industrial walls is to make them concrete like. It’s quite easy, use Ardex SD-M mixed with water (about 1/3), then mix it and spread the substance on the wall with drywall knife. Then its all a matter of personal preferences, if you prefer smoother surfaces use sandpaper. Two coats of that paste is usually enough. However, if you think that concrete wall is too hardcore for you, try just going with metallic surfaces.


Metallic surfaces also add industrial look into the interior design. However, if you don’t want to make your apartment, or house to look like metal chamber, use other décor items to balance the effect. Metal walls go well with elegant interior décor as well, like bronze walls look good with shabby wood furniture. To achieve the metal look on your walls can be achieved through using metallic paint for walls, foil decorating, or even special metallic patterned wallpaper. The ideas are very numerous, however you should decide what best suits your personality and décor preferences.

If you don’t want your living space to be exclusively industrial, try adding just single pieces of industrial décor style, like perhaps lighting fixture that is remotely industrial, or shabby heavy furniture, metallic walls, or unique metal drawer that looks like it has been used for 50 years in the metal factory. The extent of industrialization in your interior depends solely on your preferences, so use your imagination and some skills.

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