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Indian Interior Design

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Indian Interior Design is very delicate, intimate and even passionate. Are you ready to embrace it? Then welcome to the world of the Indian Interior Design and let this post will guide you through.


Indian Décor tips

When someone talks about India what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the delicate statues, the sari, or perhaps it is the spices? Everybody might have his own ideas and associations, but here is what Indian interior is really about: using ethnic décor items with predominant natural materials and using many details.

As with any interior, Indian interior can be achieved in full, or used in accents. The traditional Indian design is heavy with details, mostly in crimson, terra cotta, and orange. It breathes of luxury and refinement, exploring many textures and amazing space solutions. The furniture is usually of rosewood, but all kinds of wood are welcomed. Other variations include stone, tiles, but make sure to follow the natural scheme.

Pay great attention to details, even little knick knacks here and there, bring on the Indian mood. Little Buddha statues, or lanterns, maybe the Indian architecture miniatures, just about anything that makes you think of India. The interior created by the Casa Colonial presents it all in one room. Amazing carpets on the wall with crimson sofa and scarlet lights, the wooden flooring all can be found in the bedroom by La Maison Coloniale. They combine the modern and the traditional Indian designs, with a contemporary twist. The furniture is usually of a sturdy, heavy looking one.


If you don’t want the heavy artillery of the full blown Indian interior, then perhaps you can use it as an accent, with white background. Applying the same rules as mentioned above, you can recreat the lighter version of the Indian interior, like the Upgrade Living company from Sweden. Mats Gustafson has created an absolutely stunning apartment interior in ultramodern design with Indian personality. Using wide white spaces, he managed to include traditional Indian ornaments and statues. So, you see, creating Indian interior is not really hard, if you put your soul and creativity to it.

Indian Interior Design

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