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Incredible Warsaw Apartment

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Widawscy Studio Architektury has recently presented an intriguing apartment interior design: it is both interactive, functional and funky. Discover the amazing Warsaw Apartment interior design solutions!

Interactive Apartment Design

The intriguing concept of this interactive apartment was fulfilled by the Widawscy Studio Architektury, which is, as the actual apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland. Using the dominant white color, the design studio has managed to create a very fertile platform for other vibrant colors, such as lettuce green, turquoise blue and even grey! The living room has also an unexpected multicolored striped piece, what makes it almost a center piece of the room.

Widawscy Studio Architektury has designed this apartments together with the family, so every piece of the interior seems to be adapted to this particular family member. The design studio has divided the room into several subrooms, and maximized the space by including a wall sized mirror. Despite the divisions of the space, the apartment is very communicate in a way that it provides a nice place for doing things together as a family: studying, watching TV, playing, even cooking meals!

The apartment contains the huge living room with the built in kitche, the kid’s room and of course the elegant and colorless bedroom. The creative design of this incredible Warsaw Apartment is very inspirational also in a way that it incorporated funky colors, yet doesn’t make it appear silly. The overall interior design is rather contemporary than a clash of other styles.

Warsaw Apartment

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