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Incredible Saint Petersburg Penthouse

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Sometimes contemporary interior design can take a surprising, yet marvelous twist and present a completely amazing new look on the modern decorating. Meet the intriguing Saint Petersburg Apartment, presented by NPC Tchoban Voss architects-designers team, which totally rocks the theme!

SPB Gorgeous Penthouse

Most designers have a signature style that distinguishes them from the rest of the crowd, and Sergei Tchoban has it as well, and it can be described as fascination with all things futuristic! The new stunning apartment triplex is located in the heart of the Northern Capital of Russia, beautiful and magnificent Saint Petersburg city, with rich history. The apartment, as mentioned earlier is in fact a series of similar apartment, located on the highest level of the tallest building. The overall area that is accounted for the total is roughly around 700 square meters, which is a huge territory. The three floor apartment, in a loft like proportion total to about 500 square meters, while two additional terraces offer 200 square meters of spectacular view on the city.
Of course all of the floors are connected by the staircase, with a central core. This central core certainly deserves to be described in particular as it presents a gorgeous uniting phrase in a general composition of the three-level apartment. The central piece is a 10-meter-high central “palm” made of onyx and back lit which unites the apartment as a whole architectural and designer unit. You wouldn’t be surprised that each level of the apartment is suited for the certain activities. This way the lowest floor is attributed to the living and private aspects, and these are divided by the “utility spaces”. The intermediate level is made for entertainment and business activities, while the upper floor is exclusively the conservatorium, which provides an incredible panoramic view on Saint Petersburg heart. Now, a little bit about the inner structure of the furnishings:

“The curved wall surfaces are wood veneers painted or in high gloss Makassar ebony, with Wengé wood flooring. The master bath has an onyx floor and the observatory a leather floor cut in radial patterns. We custom designed several objects for the project to give it a signature feel. Included are dining and breakfast tables, bed, coffee table guest room, bath tub and office desk”. Isn’t that a spectacular gorgeous apartment in SPB or what?


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  1. Melituke
    September 30, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Ari, yours is truly the most inspiring blog I have ever read, on any sjcuebt. I think about these wonderful people you photograph for weeks and weeks after your posts, as I will with Debra. I so look forward to reading her story. A thousand thanks for your work.