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Ikat Ornament in Interior Design

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More than half a century ago, people thought that high-tech future will shine with chrome and silver, all will be covered with metal, and people will live exclusively in iron skyscrapers. Fortunately, our present is not so terrifying and tasteless: we live in a beautiful, bright world and decorate our homes with all sorts of accessories, bringing comfort.

Ikat Ornament in Modern Interior Design

Ikat in bathroom interior

Ikat in bathroom interior

Moreover, in recent years interior fashion includes more and more various ethnic motifs, such as ikat and paisley. Ikat patterns will be discussed in today’s article.

What is Ikat?

The word Ikat came to us from Indonesia. Literally it means “to tie”, “braid”. As you’ve probably guessed, this word refers to a particular fabric manufacturing technology. It involves the use of natural silk, which is painted right before the weaving into the fabric, making the finished textiles appear unusual, with slightly blurred patterns, which are simply impossible to be confused with other ornaments. The history of this technology began in Indonesia in the XV century.

At that time such textiles were extremely luxury and available only to very rich people. In some cases, Ikat could replace even money. Over time, this unique silk fabric has not moved into the category of cheap, but modern textile manufacturers have learned to imitate this unique pattern on other materials, making Ikat appear in a variety of subjects in the interior design: from the sofa upholstery to drawing on the wallpaper.

Ikat features

Real Ikat is made of natural silk thread, which is made from boiled cocoons of silkworms. Original technology of textile weaving is a very time-consuming process. It is interesting, that women were engaged in weaving, and men were engaged in painting threads. This is the most crucial step in creating Ikat, because the accuracy of the layout and location of unstained sections of filament bundles depends on the future pattern. Ikat is very bright, colorful as the East itself. Traditional patterns typically represent geometric shapes, pomegranate, and the tree of life. Sometimes Ikat may include a plurality of whole shapes of the composition.

Ikat in a modern interior

This original ornament today returned to the interior, but this time it is not only eastern. Today, even the ultra-modern stylistic trends in interior design may include Ikat.

Moreover, the pattern may be present in any subject. Most often, such prints decorate pillows, bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, curtains, in a word, textiles. Ikat sometimes is seen in the wallpaper patterns.

Ikat in living room interior

Ikat in living room interior

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