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Ideas For Decorating With Lucite

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Lucite, plexiglass, acrylic, acrylic glass. Call it whatever you want, it’s a cool modern material that can find place in almost any interior thanks to its unimposing but glamorous look. Lucite is also a great material for small spaces as it’s transparent and can be almost unnoticeable at times.

Lucite Decor Ideas

Acrylic cart

Lucite Chairs

Lucite chairs will contrast nicely with an untrated wooden table in your dining room adding gloss to its shabby look. A lucite home office chair has become a trend probably because it makes the office look more glamorous and is visually unobtrusive.

Acrylic Table

An acrylic table whether it’s a coffee or a dining one, a desk or side table, is a great addition to decor. It’s light, transparent, and at the same time very modern and decorative. If you want however something less mundane go for an acrylic cart or a bench.

Plexi Storage

A transparent trunk or a cabinet will allow you to display your reading material, souvenirs, and trinkets. Show off your shoes, china, or cat figurine collection in a plexi cabinet or shelving.

Lucite furniture is much more interesting than accessories as it makes more impact. Go for larger pieces if you want both unusual look and airy feel. Smaller accessories simply aren’t as noticeable.

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