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Hugh Comstock Inspirational Houses

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We all loved fairy tales at some point in our lives, and why don’t rejoice it? Continuing the fairy tale architecture theme, we drift off to discover the incredible architecture of Hugh Comstock.


Fairy Tale Californian City

How lovely it would be to visit the real fairy tale world sometime! It doesn’t even have to be in a parallel universe, because in fact, there is at least one place like that on Earth, and it is not Disneyland! The place we speak of is the charming town in California, Carmel -by-the Sea and it was turned magical by a talented artist Hugh Comstock. Remember the Lilac&Laughter house, well it was just inspired by this brilliant person. Let’s explore his creations and see for ourselves.

Hugh Comstock was never a builder, nor an architect in fact. He was an ordinary man, until 1924, when his beloved wife, Mayotta, asked him to build a house for the “Otsy-Totsys” dolls she made and was selling. So, Comstock build her a bizarre funky house, which he named Hansel and there it all begun. His work got instantly recognized by the Carmel authorities, and people flowed to him asking to build their house in that charming style. In 1925 Comstock build a twin doll house, Gretel. Thus, the legend was born, because in the consecutive years, Comstock finished many buildings, including Snow White’s Summer place, Obers, The Tuck Box and The Garden Shop, the Birthday House and much more. His style of building is very unique and unforgettable, because it retains that childish atmosphere of being in a fairy tale, and this is very valuable.

Comstock Cottage Inspiration



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