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How to Use Neon Accents in Decor

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Neon and acid brights work amazing in modern decor. Neutral color schemes and minimalist decor make a lot of room for brightest pops of color possible. Here are a few tips and ideas.

Neon Accents in Decor

Clashing neon brights

Neon brights are best used sparingly in the decor because they aren’t too easy on the eyes and they also make for really flashy decorations. Neon is great for outlines, cable decor, and frames. They give any mentioned element a punch of color that immediately draws attention and emphasizes a print, a pattern, or the rest of the item’s design.

There are brights and then there are neon brights and while using a few bright accents works beautifully, clashing more than two neon (flourescent) brights can give you a headache.

Using neons on big surfaces might not be a great idea either as they might make the rest of the decor look dull or simply be too hard on the eyes.

When it comes to combining neons and neutrals there are few rules really. It just has to look good. And the most important rule to keep in mind is that less is more.


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