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How to Use Drywall in Interior

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Modern interior design is not only made to create a beautiful and unique look, but also solve practical problems, such as saving space and bringing functionality. So when it comes to decorating the walls, one of the most effective solutions is drywall.

Drywall in Interior Design

Wall decoration with drywall

Wall decoration with drywall

Shelves and niches made of drywall perfectly replace bulky cabinets and tables in the living room. They can be made in any size and shape that allows to place and arrange all the necessary items perfectly – from decorative vases to the TV.

Drywall will not only increase functionality of the walls in the bedroom, but will also give the opportunity to play with lighting.

Decorative items made ​​of plasterboard are very popular in modern interior design. Various arches, niches, columns, ceilings, and other multi-level curved shapes are actively used by designers.

Drywall is a favorite material of designers and builders. It is easy to work with, and the process of work is not too dirty. It can be used for rectilinear designs and for shaped decorative elements. Decorative elements can be made using two methods of work with plasterboard: dry and wet.

Dry method

This method is often used as it is simple and any person can use it. For this you’ll need a special material – Arched drywall. It is specifically designed to create curved shapes. Its structure is more subtle than the usual drywall. It’s easy to use because the material can be bent using muscular strength. But it is important to remember that you need to bend the drywall along the fold of the sheet in order not to break it. This drywall is not very strong. Therefore, it is important to attach it to the structure right after bending. Otherwise, even an arched drywall may break, thus ruining the whole interior design.

Wet method

You can bend and ordinary drywall this way. Usually this is done using water of a room temperature. The sheet is wetted with a simple roller. In this case, the hard drywall becomes sufficiently flexible and can be bent to the desired angle, having received the necessary design element of interior design. In this case, the wet method is the ideal and the simplest solution.

Wall and ceiling decoration with drywall

Wall and ceiling decoration with drywall

What do you think about drywall decoration?

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