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How To Hide Your TV With Decor

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Not every decorating style welcomes a TV. In some cases it might look alien in the interior or simply not satisfy your aesthetic needs. There are quite a few ways to disguise and camouflage your TV in any room without any too expensive gimmicks, just pure decor.

TV frame

TV Frame

A TV frame is a great way to turn a tech-y piece of equipment into a living picture. It can be simple and sleek or intricate and quite artful. You can also make one yourself using reclaimed wood for a nice rustic feel.

Folding TV frame

Folding Frame

If you want to hide it completely, a folding TV frame is just what you need. It has bifold doors that can be opened or closed whenever you want and add a decorative touch to your wall.

Wall gallery


A wall gallelry is not so much of a way of disguising the TV, it is a matter of camouflaging it among all the other frames. Arrange your artwork collection or a family album on the wall to make TV blend with the other rectangular frames.

Wall gallery alternative

You can also do it a different way

TV disguise map


You can completely hide your TV behind a curtain, a fabric artwork or a canvas. Use a simple curtain cornice above the TV and make sure it protrudes just a bit further than the screen. A painting may also work if it fits the size of the screen.

TV wall

Finally, if you want something that will hide any trace of it being there, you may build a custom TV shelf or wall storage system that will help you create a clean look when you’re not relaxing in front of the telly.

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