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How To Decorate Your Apartment Without Spending A Penny

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Is it possible to decorate your apartment without spending a penny? We say yes. We all know that one of the hardest things about owning an apartment or a house is that you can’t always afford renovating and redecorating if you’d like. Well, there are some ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank. In this article you will find ten decoration ideas for your home where you don’t need to spend a dime, all you need is imagination.

10 Decorating Ideas For Your Appartment

Here are some ideas on how to use regular stuff like old magazines and newspapers to create an awesome decoration for your apartment.

Old Newspapers


You probably have a stack of old newspapers somewhere in your apartment, so why not use it to make a wall design, like a map. Just cut out the shapes of continents out of newspapers and glue them onto the wall. You can create any kind of design if you want to. All you need is a pencil, scissors, and some glue.

Paper Flowers


Add a nice and elegant feature to the room by decorating your wall with white flowers that can be easily made of paper. There are bunch of DIY articles about making paper flowers – everything from super easy five-petal flowers to complicated 3D flowers that look like art projects.

Duct Tape


Brighten up the table in your office using duct tape of different colors. It’s super easy, all you need is 5-7 colorful duct tapes and some patience. The result looks like some designer created this awesome table. This way of decorating works on any kind of surface – tables, chairs, drawers, etc.

Old Books


The books that you’ve already read and just sit there on the shelf without any purpose can be useful again. Make a creative vintage coffee table out of them. Glue a pile of books together and put a board or a piece of glass on the top. Ta-daa – it’s done. Your one of a kind coffee table will become a unique accent in your living room.

Tree Branch


Here’s an idea on how to add a shabby chic accent to your bedroom – a tree branch used as a curtain rod. Just find any thick brach outside, you can paint it or leave it as is. Install it instead of your regular curtain rod to make it look like a designer peice.

Old Wallpaper


If you have wallpaper in your place then you probably have pieces remained after renovation. Why not frame them? They will look great on plain white walls in decorative portrait frames.

Old T-Shirts


Same here, you probably have a bunch of old t-shirts from every high school field trip or summer camps. Why not frame them too? Just wrap them around the frame and tie from behind. It looks interesting when hung on the wall, and also brings back lots of memories.

Old Magazines


A pile of old magazines can be used to create an ottoman. Put a pillow on the top of the pile and tie the whole thing up using your old belts. You will be surprised how comfy it is.



Maps are everywhere and they are free. You can make a vintage handmade lamp shade by replacing your old lamp shade with a piece of map. It may be the map of some place where you’ve been, so everytime you will turn on your table lamp it will bring you back nice memories.



The last and my favorite one – drawing on the walls. Get your Sharpie and draw on white walls, of course, if you’re not renting. If you’re good at arts then this project is perfect for you. You can draw the missing pieces of furniture, a beautiful landscape, or just write a few inspirational quotes – we’ll leave it to your imagination.


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