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How To Decorate Stairs And Hallways

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Two or more story houses stairs occupy a good chunk of space that requires design solutions that will make the house look stylish and interesting seamlessly connecting different rooms together. There are many different ways of decorating the hallway with stairs starting with materials and finishing off with accessories.

Decorated Floors

Decorate the floors in the hallway with tiles, patterned carpets, or textured wood. This will make the area look more inviting and attractive. Choose tiles in material that will suit the style of your home and look into patterned variants to add detail to the hallway design.

Colorful Stairs

Stairs themselves can be painted in various creative ways. Choose a contrasting color and paint only the steps or choose one color to create a monochromatic stair rail. The stairs can also be decorated with colorful rugs, patterned wallpaper and mosaic tiles.

Creative Console

A creative console always adds character to the hallway. In a combination with a beautiful mirror and a dramatic chair, stool or pouf it will look complete and decorative. It’s also handy for storing small personal items and putting on the finishing touches.

Wall Decor

Patterned wallpaper, framed pictures, artworks, mirrors, molding and trim work make for beautiful wall decorations. You can also use empty decorative frames in different sizes and shapes to decorate the halway walls or empty space above the console.

Additional Furnishings

Additional hallways furnishings like benches, sofas, and chairs beautifully arranged can help fill the awkward corners decorating the space and providing with a seating area that can be used as a reading nook.

Decorated Hallways with Stairs

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