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How To Decorate Space Above Bed

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Headboard is more than just a practical bed part it can also be very decorative. But when there is plenty of space left on the wall above your bed it may look a bit empty. So, headboard or not, here are a few ideas on how to decorate that space above your bed.

Wall necklace


If your headboard is classic and simple you can hang artwork above your bed to fill up the space and also add a a bit of flair or character to the room. A framed painting or a photograph are the best.

Candle Shelf

A candle shelf is a great addition to decor but in a bedroom should be used with extra care. You cannot fall asleep with the burning candles if you want to prevent fire accidents, so it’s better not to light them right before going to bed. Alsl you can use a shelf for storing a few books that you’d like to read before bed.

String Lights

If you want a decorative light source above your bed but are concerned with safety, string lights can be a great alterntive. They are almost magical and can even be shrouded with fabric for more dramatic effect.


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