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How to Decorate Bedroom: 5 Ideas

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Beautiful and comfortable bedroom provides a healthy sleep and a cheerful mood. We evaluated solutions of some bedrooms on these criteria. And we offer different bedrooms from different cities of the world, which may inspire you to create a comfortable and beautiful bedroom in your house.

How to Decorate Bedroom: 5 Real Examples

House in France by architect Etienne Fromanger

House in France by architect Etienne Fromanger

Apartment in Manhattan by Shope Reno Wharton and MAC II

Provence style is the win-win design for bedrooms. It turns comfortableand without unnecessary frills. In this project, everything is in harmony: a comfortable bed, dim lights and the walls with light murals. We like beautiful decoration of the bed since the whipped pillows and crisp linen tune to a peaceful sleep.

House in France by architect Etienne Fromanger

The bedroom looks like a cave, but it does not have an oppressive atmosphere of the dungeon. Bright linen, blue walls and orange vases on the shelf give the room a provocative look. The disadvantage of so saturated color scheme is that you get tired of it quickly. The easiest way out is alternating colored and white bed linen.

House on the island of Nantucke by architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen

White is ideal for bedrooms. It creates a sense of cleanliness and freshness that promote relaxation and restful sleep. A high bed looks very nice here, we are sure that at this altitude you feel your superiority over the world. But it is better to remove a laptop from the table before bedtime, then it will be easier to disengage from the work.

House in London by decorator Hassan Abdullah

This room was turned into a bedroom of an Arab sheik with very modest means. The headboard is made ​​of gilded rays rails. The bed is covered with the embroidered blanket and the red bedside table is put next to the bed. This interior turned saturated and fascinating. However the modest modern chair and the desk discord with this Eastern splendor. We think that in this project they should be replaced by carved furniture.

Bedroom by designer Geoffrey Bradfield

For this project, the designer chose sophisticated black and gray tones. Working with this color scheme is difficult, because there is a danger that the room will be too grim. In this case, the designer won: the mood in the bedroom is rather romantic, and the black high-back bed stands beautifully on wallpaper background with architectural drawings. And this option seems to us extravagant, but interesting.


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