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How to Decorate Attic

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Attic is a pleasant and valuable bonus room in the house. It was just an attic in the past, and now it can be used for a romantic bedroom, a comfortable living room, a functional kitchen. It can also become a cozy home office, beautiful and amazing  dressing room and a kids room.

How to Decorate Attic: 4 Steps to Creating Comfort

Attic design in light and bright colors

Attic design in light and bright colors


You can implement any design in this room. Importantly, that it fit into the overall concept of the house. This is the place, where you can realize the most daring ideas.

Try to use vintage style. This theme will be relevant, especially if you used to store the old things, furniture, chest in the attic.

Since the space has a custom layout, then you can not put there too many things, so it may become an actual style of minimalism.

Ethno-style fit surprisingly perfect in this room. Also trendy Eco style will help you escape from the noisy bustle of the city.

You should not hide the wooden beams, they can be part of your interior. They will look especially colorful in a rustic style.


Usually attic walls have a certain slant, so there are difficulties with the installation of furniture. So non-standard solutions should be chosen for this room. You can use the modular options and customize them for the required dimensions. Apply the open shelves.

Place under the bed is quite suitable for the location of the drawers for storage. Dressers and nightstands can be used instead of wardrobes.

Of course, sofas, couches and armchairs are considered the main furniture items in the attic. And if it is a bedroom, then a bed is more desirable. You can combine a place for gatherings with small lockers if they are placed along the wall near the window. Soft surface will provide comfort.

Windows and light

It is desirable to fill the attic with light and air. Of course, in this case windows can help. They can have smooth shapes as well as non-standard shapes for angular walls.

Today’s manufacturers offer a variety of models. So you can choose the style and design to suit your interiors. Naturally, the larger the window will be better choice. You let in more air and light. And sloping walls will not create discomfort.

Windows can be placed on the walls and on the roof. You can even make an entirely glazed roof. Light window frames will visually make the windows wider. Artificial lighting will complement any decor and add comfort. The main thing is to select small lamps and sconces for small attic.


The color scheme is selected depending on the function (area of recreation, entertainment or working room), which the attic carries. You can unleash the imagination and move away from the usual stereotypes. But still it is worth to use more light range.

You can combine light shades with a dark colors. For example, a dark floor can be combined with the light walls and ceiling. One wall can be dark, and the others are light.

Wallpaper in the form of clouds will look great in the kids room. You should consider some points: in order not to lower the ceiling visually, stingrays in the room shoud not be painted in dark colors.

With these easy-to-implement techniques you can achieve a real comfortable attic space comfortable for living and recreation.


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