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How To Decorate A Narrow Room

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A narrow room doesn’t necessarily have to be a hallway. Some houses and apartments feature narrow living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens and there are many ways to design and decorate them despite the claustrophobic layout. Color scheme, multifunctional furniture, and other obvious solutions are as applicable to narrow rooms as they are for small rooms.

Narrow Room Design Ideas

Narrow living room

Narrow but Long

If your narrow room stretches a few meters in length you are in luck. You may not have enough space for big furniture but you definitely can fit a few areas into one room. Use different furniture positioning to demarcate each area into its own separate zones.

Narrow and Small

Narrow small rooms are harder to work with since there is not enough space to fit all the things you might need. Here you have to really ecercise caution when choosing furniture. It should be sleek and functinoal. Otherwise you’ll end up with a narrow small room cluttered with all the different stuff that obstructs pathways and ruins decor.

Use of Walls

Using walls to store your books and decor items is a better way than building or buying a storage system. Niches and built in wall shelves are great for narrow rooms as they save precious space preventing the claustrophobic atmosphere in the room. Likewise the built in floor storage can also be an option in the house with narrow rooms.

If you want to make your room appear wider use mirrors and reflective surfaces all around to create an otpical illusion of a spacious room. Having plenty of natural light in a light room can also help.

Make a narrow room your bedroom or dressing room if possible, thus you won’t have to think where to fit all that furniture. The bedroom requires minimum of that and a dressing room doesn’t have to be spacious as it is a low traffic area.

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