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How To Create Steampunk Interior Design

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Steampunk theme makes for a unique home decor look. Steampunk culture has inspired many designers to create stylish and functional pieces in steampunk aesthetic that can be used to create themed interior design. To create steampunk home decor look into steampunk home furniture, decorations and accessories.

Steampunk Color Scheme

Copper, bronze, metallic, leather and dark wood are commonly used to create steampunk interior designs. Leather seats and sofa in the living room might go well with the Victorian furniture pieces while metallic bookcases and cabinets add to the industrial aesthetic of steampunk.

Steampunk Furniture

Some designers specialize in desiging steampunk and industrial furniture which is close to the steampunk aesthetic. Rusty metal, salvaged woods and machinery detailing charachterize the steampunk designs that help create that unique look in the interior.

Accessories & Details

Accessorize your steampunk themed interior with old maps. They can be used as wall murals creating dated look. Steampunk styled lamps and gadgets can also enhance the interior design. Steampunk motifs also include steam-powered machinery, machine parts like sprockets, and zeppelins.

Steampunk Interior Ideas


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