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How To Create Laundry Nook

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No room for laundry? There is always a spare awkward corner or architectural nook that can be used as a laundry nook. Take a look around your kitchen or bathroom and house in general. Get rid of clutter and use the free space efficiently, for instance, by setting a laundry nook in a closet or wall niche.


A closet is a great space for setting a laundry nook. There can be built-in shelves ready to store cleaning products and other laundry accessories. If the closet is small it can still be made into a laundry nook. You can save space  by stacking the washing machine and dryer. The sliding bard doors can easily hide away the laundry nook without occupying additional floor space.


Kitchen cabinets can be specifically designed to house a washing machine and a dryer. The cleaning prodcuts as well as the machines can be hidden away inside the cabinets creating a clean neat look. If however, the machines are slightly big for the cabinets the doors can be omitted or removed.


Create a laundry nook in the bathroom by placing a washing machine under the vanity. It can be built into the vanity if you want to hide it away but it can also be on display. Just choose the design that will fit with the bathroom style and size. Opt for sleeker models if the bathroom is small.

Wall Niche

No spare room in the house? Wall niches can provide space not only for books and wood logs but also washing machine and even dryer, again in a stacked position. This way the laundry nook will also be sleek and will not occupy too much space.


If architecture allows you can set your laundry nook in the loggia. A simple set of shelves hung above the washing machine will provide storage room for detergents, iron, and other laundry utensils.

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