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Home Theater Design Ideas

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Home theater is a fun space to hang out with family and friends. And while it is a pretty functional room as it is, it could be a whole entertainment area, your own home sized cinema theater. Here are a few ideas on how to make it so.

Home Theater Ideas

Modern home theater

A pile of pillows make for inviting home theater seats

Theme vs. Style

While a theme isn’t mandatory for a home theater, it could make it more atmospheric and stylish. It could be your favorite movie or a genre theme. It will definitely look impressive but it would also require professional design and some heavy investment. If you’re on a tight budget or you feel that a certain theme would be too distracting, opt for a style that would make you feel comfortable. Sofas and soft armchairs will look much more inviting and homey than rows of seats. Less cinema attributes like posters and curtains there’ll be the more homey it will feel.

Eating Area

If you are concerned with cleanliness it is better to have a snack table or a specially designated eating area where the viewers can eat their popcorn and chips without showering a sofa with crumbs.


If you don’t have an additional room for your home theater you can set a place for it in the living room, at the attic or even outdoors. It doesn’t have to be grand but it does have to have a good spacious couch. Think about it, an average movie is an hour and a half long and you’re sitting this whole time. Make sure the seats are comfortable and adjustable.

A home theater doesn’t necessarily have to be designed as a real cinema. The key advantages of home theater is that it is located in a convenient place, it’s a friendly atmosphere, more comfortable seats, and all the things you need to enjoy a movie.


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