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Home Decorating with Summer Flowers

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Finally a long-awaited summer has come. We have a wide range of beautiful flowers: roses, hydrangeas and lilie, peonies, carnations, etc. We dedicate this article to the actual topic – how to decorate our home interior with fresh flowers, because there are some quirks and secrets even in this seemingly obvious question.

How to Decorate Home Interior with Fresh Flowers

Floral decorations

Floral decorations

Bouquet in every home!

Fresh flowers are perhaps the most simple and affordable way to decorate the apartment. They fit perfectly into any interior, and our main task is to make sure that we have at least one fresh flower arrangement in the house.

At the same time it is not necessary to splurge on expensive roses. Bright chrysanthemums and carnations are quite inexpensive and remain fresh for very long. Lily, gerbera, orchids, freesia, asters – they all will please you more than a week with proper care.

Even ordinary green leaves set in simple, stylish vase, refresh and transform your home. Show imagination, and you will be able to decorate your home with flowers for free.

How to choose a vase?

Perfect vase suitable for any composition is made ​​of glass or monochrome (best white) porcelain, has a simple shape and wide neck. This vase accentuates the beauty of your flowers and will fit into any interior style.

Flowers in vases

Flowers in vases

Alternative vases can be very diverse: tall glasses, mugs, jugs, dishes, etc. The focus is on flowers, but not on the dishes.

Where to put fresh flowers?

There is no place in the house, where fresh flowers would look out of place. Living room: on a coffee table, on a TV stand, on corner posts and shelves.

Dining room and kitchen: beautiful bouquet will decorate a dining table and create a festive mood.

Bedroom and children’s room: fresh flowers, left on the bedside tables, will create the perfect mood in the morning.

Hallways: a floral composition will break a vertical of a long corridor and create a positive atmosphere at the entrance to the apartment.

Bathroom: why not? Flowers will liven and freshen the interior of your bathroom.

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