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Ideas On Hanging Artwork

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Hanging artwork is kind of an art in itself. There are some rules to it that are meant for achieving that luxury look. If you have a few pictures or framed drawings or even posters you would like to hang around the house keep the following things in mind.

How To Hang Artwork


In the living room the wall behind the sofa or space above mantel are the perfect places to hang any artwork. The wall behind sofa is often empty so adding any kind of decoration to it is a very good idea. If you want a picture to be the focal point of the room the space above mantel will do great.

When hanging artwork make sure it’s not too big for the designated wall space. Otherwise it will look odd and out of place. On the other hand, if it’s too small for the space add another same size picture to fill the space. Be sure not to overload the wall with artwork as it will look too busy.

Art Shelves

Opt for nice frames that fit your interior style. Don’t hang pictures unframed as it’s only appropriate for teen bedrooms and posters.

Don’t hang artwork too low or too high above furniture or fireplace. Find a middle point where the artwork won’t seem too heavy over head as well as not very high above.

Landscape Art

Some artworks come with lighting or separated into sections (as in the picture above). This is a great way to draw attention to your walls. Illuminated artworks can serve as beautiful and romantic ambient lighting.

If you have regular framed artwork you can still light it up by adding task lights like scones that will illuminate it and accent it.

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