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Handmade Decor: Beautiful Toys

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It is always nice o receive a gift, made ​​by human hands. Modern craftsmen and craftswomen do not have limits in their imagination and materials.  Among all handmade works, we would like to highlight amazing handmade toys. Today, these handmade toys are most commonly used as interior decor. There are many kinds of them. And we will talk about two kinds of needlework toys.

Beautiful Handmade Toys As Interior Decor

Temari toys

Temari balls

Temari balls

Temari balls came to us from the east. The idea of ​​creating the temari balls originated in China, but then spread to Japan, there has undergone significant changes (in matters of appearance and use in life.) And so now, the present invention is considered to be Japanese.

Temari balls were originally intended for playing. And mostly children of aristocratic families used to play with them. Therefore, the second name of temari  is “princess ball”.

Gradually, these toys have become exquisitely adorned with embroidery, and slowly turned into a luxury item and decor. Initially only women wealthy strata of Japanese society were engaged in making Temari balls, because the materials to create them were very expensive (silk thread and kimono silk ribbons). But gradually, with the development of civilization, the boundaries between the social strata of the population were erased, and the art of making Temari balls became available to everyone.

Coffee toys

There is a story that once a rag doll was forgotten in the attic of one Norwegian coffee factory by a daughter of one of the workers. Fabric from which the toy was made, gradually absorbed the smell of coffee, and dust from the coffee also changed the color of the toy. After some time, the doll was found. And that’s, when the idea to create special rag toys, soaked by the smell of coffee. And these toys were called “coffee toys” or “attic toys”.

While making such toys, the master is not required to achieve maximal similarity with the image of an animal (usually attic toys are made in form of rabbits, cats , fish , etc.). Coffee toys should look like they were stitched in haste (although, in fact, of course, the work requires accuracy and patience). And they often resemble funny cartoon characters.

Coffee toys

Coffee toys

The smell of coffee appears due to the special coffee solution. To make the solution for staining, it is necessary to brew coffee. This can be both soluble and organic coffee. To make the smell even nicer, add a little vanilla and cinnamon. The prepaed solution can be used as a “paint” to tone the fabric. Some masters recommend add a few spoonfuls of white glue to slightly cooled solution.

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