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Guilherme Torres Interior Design

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A renown Brazilian designer, Guilherme Torres, is famous for his masculine interior design. This post will reveal the true interior design tips for true macho décor. Following these easy instructions you can recreate a manly interior décor, exclusively from Guilhermo Torres.

Guilhermo Torres Interior

Manly interior Designs

His latest work is the Pavilion, which is already gaining its popularity. The pavilion was created for the famous in Brazil designer event Mostra Black. It is decorated in catchy design, with lots of details that add personality to the pavilion. The pavilion itself is located in the patio of the building designed by Mies van der Rohe. The personality of this pavilion was inferred from a fictional character, citizen of the world man, that is an avid music collector and into modern art. He also rides motorcycle and hosts a lot of parties. This collectible character is a soul of the Mostra Black pavilion. The design of this wonderful place would not be perfect without Torres furniture line, which eclectic items representing the core of the bachelor hub. Other décor elements include mobile bar from Sergio Zalszupin, and a lot of other decor items from different renown Brazilian artists.

Guilhermo Torres Interior

Another example of the Brazilian designer Guilhermo Torres is the FJ House, designed specifically for a very famous Brazilian DJ. The apartment is more of a studio, rather than a comfortable family house, since this DJ is still a bachelor. The masculine aspect of the apartment is achieved by the dominant concrete grey color and a white/black accent colors. Since the apartment is also an art studio for its owner, the concrete grey has become an awesome complement to the music appliances. The apartment lacks most of the walls, except for the bathroom which remained intimate. The overall interior design is pretty minimalistic and straightforward.


And at last, let’s dive into the shrine of the masculine interior design, the apartment of the Guilhermo Torres himself! His apartment, located in Londrina, Brasilia, has mostly black background that underlines the brutalism decorative style. This style characterized by its dramatism, display of technical elements, and can be expressed by its functionality, urbanism, and industrialization of the interior. The macho personality of the apartment is achieved by the intricate details that add depth and atmosphere to the apartment.

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