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25 Guest Room Ideas

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Do you have a spare room that you want to turn into incredible guest room? So this post is certainly for you, because we discuss 25 amazing guest room ideas!

Guest Room Inspiration

Before you start decorating your guest room, consider the following: it needs to be cleaned of your stuff. The room should provide a place, a retreat to your guest, not a storage place for you! Your guest room should be safe, offering enough privacy, and as gorgeous as the rest of your house. Make sure that you include all of the necessary elements into it, such as a bed, a personal lamp on a bedside table, a desk for possible study or work, a chair, a sofa, a restroom if possible, a TV set, and perhaps a computer. It is also a good idea to include a minifridge with some possible midnight snacks.

Now, lets explore some guest room inspiration. Remember how important is to use patterns in interior design? Pattern add depth to any interior, and using the golden rule of patterning would do miracles! Add three optional patterns and repeat the main pattern in different items: pillowcases, carpets, walls. The interior should be simple, or elegant, whatever you choose, just make sure it gives you a sense of comfort. Of course guest room should have any luxuries that the house posess, and you need to make everything possible for your guest to feel at home.

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