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Green&White Interior Inspiration

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If you are looking for some fresh decorating ideas, and you are tired of the dull grey winter days and nights, how about trying something refreshing and new? Let’s check out the expressive white and green color combinations, on the example of the marvelous Poland apartment by Tomasz Jasinski!

White and Green Interior Decorating

Green is considered to be the color of fertility, nature and forest; and in modern psychology it is most ly associated with wellbeing and self-respect. Green is an excellent color for decorating, especially this year, because you know it was named the hit of the 2013 year, particularly one of the most trendy colors! Think of the emotions green can provoke in you, is it calm, serenity or vibrant and full of life? Green is considered both calm and exciting, as the certain shades of this color can definitely produce both of these emotions.
In fact, green goes really well with white, as introduces freshness and originality to the interior. Green is also a great way to include nature into your house, if introducing real greenery to a certain extent is impossible. If using green in the whole interior is too much for you, perhaps white is better with some occasional green vibes. Lime green would add some funky and childish playfulness to the interior, while the dark forest green could provoke the heavy contemplations.
So, if you are looking for some green and white interior decorating ideas, let’s check out the “Green on White Studio” decoration by Tomasz Jasinski. The Green on White studio is actually a small apartment in Wroclaw, Poland. The apartment can boast of only 80 square meters, featuring two levels of residence. The interior is mostly white with vibrant splashes of green color, which can be seen in greenery, walls and cushions. Meanwhile, the interior decorating style is quite minimalistic, and somewhat futuristic. Here are some further green and white inspiration ideas for your unique interior design!


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