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Green Interior Design Ideas

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Green is an essential life color, as it represents the lungs of our planet, the trees. However, using green in interior design is also an amazing idea, because it freshens up the interior design. This post will introduce most of the Green Interior Design Ideas.


Introducing Green Color

A different shade of green, different styles of green, different types of green, just about anything is possible when using this amazing alive color. NeoCon 2012, largest design exposition in the US, has recently introduced the green trend into interior design. Interface Design Company presented a fully green room decorated with different degrees of green that could naturally blend in, add the unique atmosphere of the forest inside the house. The amazing textures and natural colors strikes with vitality and freshness.


Although green ornaments and interior decor is not a novelty, new ideas keep nourishing the enthusiastic mind. Tips on bringing outdoors inside your own house are very simple: just use green. However, using contrast colors, or accent colors is also a good idea. Green is always good on white, and in this way, green is the accent color. However, olive green is also a pleasing color to chose as a base for your green interior. Sometimes it is also a good idea to present a display wall, which features some shade of green in the overall calm interior design.

Remember to add vitality to your interior by introducing real plants into your living space. As you know there are millions of plant variations, from shade loving ones to the sparkling green islands. Either way, if you don’t feel like including the actual plants, try using alternative to that, the moss pots, with few flowers. The pots with moss on top can also come in transparent jars, which will guarantee the cozy feeling of your house.


Another wonderful idea is to make your own green décor items, like the pea and moss decorative balls. For this you will need, green acrylic paint, some smooth foam balls, a bag of green moss, and a bag of dried split peas, Mod Podge in matte. Use the acrylic paint on the balls, and then apply Mod Podge while pressing the moss or green peas to the ball. When they are all dry, you can put them in some nice vase that will contribute to your interior design. As you see, there are plenty of ways to include green into your interior. Following these easy tips will get you a desired décor outlook.

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