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Gothic Interior Design

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Luxurious, vintage and fabulous interior in the Gothic style does not leave anyone indifferent: minimalists will be outraged by the abundance of decoration and its “weight”, but the dreamers and lovers of handwork in interior design will come in real delight. If you belong to the second category of people, you will probably be wondering what is remarkable in Gothic interior, and how it can be created in virtually any room.

How to Create Gothic Interior

Interior in the Gothic style

Home interior in the Gothic style

Fundamentals of Gothic style in the interior

If, for instance, loft-style base is light and plenty of free space, in Gothic style, on the contrary, there is always a soft shade. And this is not associated with fabulous stories about vampires living in a gloomy castle. The history of the Gothic style dates back to the XI century, when luxury and rich bronze, gilt and patinated interiors were illuminated by muddy electric lights and trembling light candles in elegant sconces and chandeliers. Therefore, if you want to keep the true spirit of the Gothic style, even in the presence of modern lighting fixtures, it is important to keep the mysterious twilight in its interior.

Another detail in the Gothic style, in addition to candles and shadows can cause a tight association with medieval castles. It is arched windows and doorways. That’s really what you will not see in the ultra-modern interiors. Of course, if you are planning to create a Gothic interior of the apartment, such architectural move is unlikely to be feasible. But if you plan to build or do major repairs in a country house, and always dreamed to dive into the mysterious atmosphere of the Gothic style, it is recommended to take this detail into account. By the way: the stained glass windows can also be considered an integral part of the Gothic trend in interior design.

Decorating the walls, floor and ceiling in the Gothic style

Gothic, as well as any medieval style, suggests luxury. That is why linoleum as a floor covering is absolutely inappropriate here. Of course, the ideal option would be a relief ceramic tile or natural dark board with a distinctive texture. In extreme cases laminate can be used as a cheaper alternative.

Speaking of walls, the interior in the Gothic style hardly tolerates wallpaper. In order to make this design look convincing, it is best to do a mural on the paint or smooth plaster. To do this, it is not necessary to have an art education – you can use a stencil or invite a professional.

Furniture and decorative items for the Gothic interior

You will not save on the furniture. Massive sofas, armchairs, tall cabinets, chairs with wrought iron legs, a rough and wide dining table, a luxurious bed – it’s all about Gothic. Among the common materials there are wood, bronze, copper, gold-plated silver. In this case, upholstered furniture must necessarily be made ​​of leather or artificial leather of high quality.

Decorative elements in Gothic interior are given a special place of honor. And, as a rule, among the abundance of candlesticks, paintings, statues and metal mirrors, the main focus is on the chandelier. It should be a work of art with forged elements, pendants and all sorts of additions.

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