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Gothenburg Duplex: Scandinavian Chic

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It has been quite a while since we have taken inspiration from Scandinavian-styled interiors. The Gothenburg duplex has all of the Scandinavian chic that we are accustomed to, and some features, which are unique only to this apartment. Let’s take a virtual tour through the rooms of this wonderful Northern dwelling.

Swedish Apartment

Linnestaden-based Duplex, Living Room with a view of Terrace

Swedish Duplex Interior Inspiration

Certainly we have seen so many Scandinavian interiors that we could probably already point out to any apartment and say whether it has this special black and white aesthetics. However, each Scandinavian style is so unique that only general features can be outlined. This Gothenburg-based duplex is located in Linnestaden, which is one of the central urban districts of Gothenburg. This apartment combines the benefits of living in an urban area while still enjoying simple life with rustic appeal. This rustic appeal reminds of the Swedish Cottage interior that can be characterized by extensive use of wood.

Despite its urban location, the apartment has a sunny 6-square-meters terrace to enjoy breakfast, which overlooks the busy city being awaken in the morning. There are three rooms and a kitchen in this duplex, which take about 90 square meters of space. Despite appearing Spartan in its ultimate white dominating color, the apartment is quite luxurious.

The white background is contrasting an almost black stained wooden floor, which by the way, has under-floor heating system. There are also wooden beams that are exposed in interior and add antique charm to the space. The exposed red brick wall also reminds of the house’s past history, adding a sense of time, although the condominium itself has been built only 24 years ago.

Although quite spacious, the apartment doesn’t have any areas to spare, using every bit of it. We see the storage under the staircase, then moving on to the multifunctional furniture sets and even rustic crates for storage. The spacious bedroom also exposes the low-rise cabinet set against the wall with three windows. This beautiful duplex is available for rent for about $740 per month, or you could save up and buy it for an amount of $640 000.

Gothenburg Duplex Virtual Tour

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