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Google Tel Aviv Office

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Sometimes big corporations present a lot of inspiration even in terms of interior decorating. This is a story with Google Tel Aviv office, which interior is incredible in its greeness and openness of the space. Let’s discover its incredible platform for creativity.

Green Google Office in Israel

In December 2012, Google has launched its official opening in Israel and opened its grandios office, which meaures 8000 square meters. The new office can boast the spectacular views of the internal creativity generator, featuring lots of green color. The design of the office was performed by Camenzind Evolution from Switzerland, and features most of up to date technology, alongside with incredible decorations.
Following the policy of Google to inspire creativity, the new office is definatelly something to get inspired from! In cooperation with Israeli Design Teams Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal the new striking interior now runs for eight flours of constant amazement, not to mention incredible views on Tel Aviv! Another important feature of all Google spaces is to provide a good platform for communication among the employees, thus the interior serves exactly this purpose as well.
As a big part of the space is taken for communicational areas, there is a lso a space for individual work and contemplation. Each floor has its own distinct theme in decorating, what emphasizes the diversity of Israel as a country. Moreover, the interior decorating themes were chosen by the fellow Googlers! There are restaurants, for instance that offer three distinct lunches: non-kosher, kosher dairy and kosher meat. Here is some information from the Architect team:
“Only 7 of the 8 rented floors in Electra Tower are actually occupied by Google. The remaining floor gives space to a new ‘Campus’, which was also opened in December by the Israeli Prime Minister. The ‘Campus Tel Aviv’, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a new hub for entrepreneurs and developers, providing a base for start-up companies, and is only the second Google ‘Campus’ worldwide. Sustainability played a vital role to Google in the development of their new Tel Aviv offices and the project is currently awaiting LEED ‘Platinum’ certification, the first of its category in Israel.”

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