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Glass Partitions in Interior Design

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Glass partitions are very useful, especially in small spaces. You can zone your interior visually with the help of partitions, without losing the needed space. Most often, such structures can be observed in the shower. Now let’s abstract from the bathroom and move partitions to other rooms of the house.

Using Glass Partitions in Interior Design

Glass divider

Glass divider


Glass dividers are made of tempered glass and are set from the floor to ceiling. It is very easy to apply different patterns (sandblasting, full-color printing) on them.

Glass partitions can also be made of various types of glass using a variety of technologies. You can change your interior design and divide a room into zones at any time by installing mobile glass partitions. These structures do not need fastening and due to the bottom roller mechanism  they are easy to move from place to place as needed.


As we have said, the first use of glass partitions is a complete sense of wide space in the room (even if you choose a matte color of the glass).

Dividers are also noise proof. That easily helps you to isolate bedroom area from the living room, where you can watch TV without disturbing the family in the evenings.


There are two types of the separation of space by glass partitions: a partition-transformer, which can be folded like an accordion or removed into the wall with special frames; and a stationary partition, which has a small part of the mobile units. Such partition mostly resembles a glass wall with a glass door.


Such partitions are found mostly in large offices of large companies.

However, they are ften used in home interiors too. Glass partitions fit virtually any decor because of their stealth. Most often they are used in Hi-tech and Scandinavian interiors.


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