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Glass House Project

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Do you like outdoors as much as the Santambrogiomilano company does? Well, they have designed the amazing glass house project, which can be installed practically anywhere on Earth! Let’s explore it more closely!

Incredible Transparent Housing

Did you ever want to live out in the wild, all surrounded by the beauty of nature, being exposed to it 24 hours a day? Well, the key word here is exposed, because that would be the main concern in the Glass Houses designed by the Milan based design company, Santambrogiomilano. They have managed to construct a totally transparent cube three level house, which can be assembled practically in any part of the planet, well of course if the weather conditions would allow it.
Apparently the glass houses differ by their presumptive location, because the “Glass Snow house”, as implied by the name, would be suitable for colder weather. This is true because it is made from thicker glass particles, and would withstand heavy snow, which is also beneficial for the insulation of the house. On the other hand, there is a “Cliff House” version, which is built from a thinner glass, as there is no heavy snow exposure. The elevated over the water construction, allows one to be feeling as though floating just above the water level, and feeling the ocean as never before!
By the way, if the privacy factor is the only thing that bothers you, there is a solution – a special button that can turn the glass matte, or certain curtain that can obscure the room. These cube transparent houses provide a 360 degree view of the natural beauty presented by the landscape, with a possibility of going private, what else is there to dream of? Of course these houses are not designed for dense urban areas, because they are too fragile for the flexible landscape of a city. However it is a nice option to stay alone with nature and to spend some great time contemplating on the matter of things, enjoying particularly the vulnerability that you inevitably encounter out in the wild.


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