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Glass Extension In Traditional English House

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AR Design studio has recently completed renovation of the glass extension for the typical English house that was originally built in mid-XIX century. The owners of the place, a retired couple, wanted to renovate the former servants’ hub of the bigger Manor house and to make this place their dream residence. Taking inspiration in their love for glass, AR design studio has made interesting expansion of the house, discovering few skeletons in the closet. And we mean it: they literally found some bodies on the construction site.

Glass Extension For Winchester House

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Amazing Glass Extension By Martin Gardner

We are already familiar with AR Design studio, who designed amazing horse stable renovation into a contemporary house, but the case of Manor House is extraordinary. When the builders were in the process of excavating the foundation for what originally was a very forlorn servants’ house in Winchester, they were astonished by several of their finds. They found a body, and then after a while they found another one.

After long inspection and police interference they have discovered another astonishing find: a burial urn. Both of the bodies and the burial urn were confirmed to be of Roman origin, meaning that the house was built on the place of the Roman burial ground and the defense fortifications of that time.

This proved that the site was of archaeological significance, however, this didn’t stop the renovation project. In the result, the glass extension to the Manor House, which was built in 1856, was finally constructed. The extension proves to be really expansive and aerial, due to white reflective walls and abundance of sunshine. The interior design of the extension is quite contemporary with large rectangular furnishings and lots of sunshine.

It’s astonishing to the see how history and contemporary architecture collide to form an interesting collaboration. The glass extension perfectly fits into the XIX house background, moreover the idea fits pretty well with the archaeological history of the area, conveying the message that nothing is eternal and once glorious Roman Empire is long gone. Take a look for yourself how beautifully both structures fit into the landscape creating flowing communications between different eras.


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