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Futuristic Interior Design

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Futuristic Interior design can seem pretty unrealistic, yet some prefer it being unrealistic . This post will introduce you to the wildest ideas of the futuristic interior design and offering some insightful ideas from the renowned designers.

Futuristic Apartment

Futuristic Interior Ideas

Futuristic interior ideas are so vast, from the space ship like interior to the most insane furnishing. However, not all things that look weird are considered futuristic. Most often futuristic interior design is associated with space travel and technological progress. So, if you want to create futuristic interior design, think of lots of new technological solutions and perhaps spaceship details. Mostly using white as the leading color, the designers can achieve a feeling of the outer space and faraway galaxy by introducing round windows and high tech appliances.

The creative approach to the futuristic interior design can be achieved by including different details from the various interior design styles. Using neon lights and LED lighting technology, you can recreate the futuristic atmosphere of your interior; by the way, lights are an essential element of the futuristic interior design. The most interesting solutions are the wall decorating, using much of the modern technology and applications.


An Austrian project by Najjar&Najjar offers an interesting futuristic IT Entrepreneur’s Home. It is interesting to note, that the designers are really inspired by Mac computers, therefore they pushed their inspiration further into action, creating a Mac sanctuary of some sort. The whole apartment can be manipulated electronically, making this a perfect computer house. Look at the amazing lines, featuring interesting space solutions and minimalistic color choices. IT Entrepreneur’s Home is an ultimate futuristic retreat.


Another interesting solution is the glamorous futuristic design by Karim Rashid. He called his invention the Smartologic Corian® Living, presented at the Milan Design Week. Karim Rashid has developed his own feminine version of the futuristic interior. Using warmer hues with much artificial lighting, Rashid has created a glamorous futuristic style and made it ecologically sound as well, because it contains the Eco Bank system, which collects rain to water the greenery of the house. A perfect girly futuristic place, isn’t it?

So you see, there are many possibilities and ideas of creating an amazing futuristic interior design, and the rules are only here to be broken. Follow the simply scheme of the high tech prevalence and outer space atmosphere and you will succeed.

Futuristic Interior

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