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Furniture Arrangement Ideas For Any Layout

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Furniture arrangement can be daunting due to weird layouts, odd corners, and awkward walkways but there are many more ways to arrange furtniture than you might think. Also drawing up a floor plan and putting your ideas into visuals can help you understand what you need to do.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Narrow living room

Narrow Rooms

Let’s get this out of the way first, narrow roomis pretty easy to decorate especially if it’s long and has enough space. The first rule of thumb is to never alighn furniture along the walls, because it make the room even narrower eating up your path space. Keep furtnire arranged at one of the sides of the room and keep it minimalistic. Forgo armchairs for small mobile poufs that you can use as both seats and footrests.

Narrow room

Narrow one room London flat with clever layout and luxury decor

Of course, if one narrow room is all the space you have you can use furniture angles and various accessories like floor coverings and lighting to separate your living area from the other zones.

Awkward Rooms

Awkward living room

Odd angles and shapes of the room can present additional challenge for furniture arrangement but there are so many sofa shape and sizes out there right now you’ll only have to take some measurements and find the design that will fit your room. Use odd corners to your advantage to either add a reading nook or working area to the room or to make your focal point like TV or fireplace stand out even more.

Small Spaces

Small living room

Most times it’s not so much as a room-shape issue but a matter of size. And here’s where you have to really get creative and throw all the conventions out the window. Can’t have a sofa set? Two bg armchairs and a coffee table will do. Can’t fit in a coffee table? Have a side table or a foot rest between your armchairs. Or bring a soft bench from  bedroom or hallway or use a reading bench as table instead.

There are many alternatives to a standard living room furniture set so be creative and think about angles and corners that you could turn from nuisance to blessing.

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