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Fruits in Interior Design

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The word “fruit” gives the feeling of summer, the sun, and a lot of rich colors. And if you use rich and juicy fruit shades in an interior, the room is immediately filled with light and joy.

Fruit Theme in Interior Design

LLiving room decoration with fruits

Living room decoration with fruits

Fruit theme is mostly suitable for decoration of kitchen space. Here bright colors can be used in furniture and accessories. For other rooms – living room, dining room and bedrooms, a lot of fruit colors in the fitment may be inappropriate and tedious. So it is better to use there only some elements of fruit decor.

If you have decided that your apartment is lacking fresh, bright colors and want to add fruit decor in the room, then it is very easy to do even without changing the whole concept of the room. For example, a fruit tree planted in a tub of flowers will help to create a sense of a blooming garden. Before you decide to place the plant in your apartment, you should learn how to grow correctly. Make a realistic assessment of your capabilities – whether you have enough strength to care for the tree.

For a kid’s room we can recommend a safer version of the same fruit tree. It can be a decoration on the wall like painting or mosaic. In addition, bright colors in a kid’s room look good in wall finishes, flooring, children’s furniture, as well as on all elements of the decor (pillows, blankets, etc.) and toys.

Fruit theme for kid's room

Fruit theme for kid’s room

Fruits can be placed in special pendant or table vases, combining them with flowers. This design does not require for maintenance. But such décor should be constantly freshened.

For those who like bold experiments we can recommend to decorate the bedroom in bright colors. They can be cold (for a warm, well-lit room) and warm (for dark rooms). You can color the walls of the room, as well as pick up bedding of suitable color.

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