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French Doors in Interior

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Thinking of new ways to add some light to the dark housing unit? Or perhaps you’d like to add some new style into the boring and dull interior? French doors can become an excellent addition to your home, so check out how to incorporate them into the interior!


French Doors in Decorating

Sometimes, we just need some change in the interior – and one of these changes can include remodeling of a wall. French doors at this point can become quite an extravagant solution, however there are some many advantages to them! Here we will explore how to use French doors in decorating your interior!

French doors are the sliding ones and can also function as a big wall-sized window. The French doors have originated from a French design called the casement door. It consists of a double-leaved door with large glass panels in each door leaf, and in which the doors can swing both in and out. The main advantage of the French doors is that they can be very functional serving both as doors and windows.


One of the pluses of introducing French doors into your interior is that they will bring much more light into the house. Not only the French doors will significantly brighten up the interior, they will also change your interior design by making it ultra contemporary and chic. Consider the following, even when the doors are closed, the sunlight still comes in – allowing the natural illumination, and saving the energy.

French doors are also really functional when it comes to uniting the exterior and interior. Even if it is the urban balcony we consider as exterior – the changes are very drastic. However, French doors are traditionally used when it comes to making an easy access to the outdoor terraces or garden.

Really popular with the European country style, the French doors certainly are perfect for the rural house, which seeks to unite the natural landscape and the housing unit, making the garden easily accessible. The only thing to worry about is the glass transparency, as the doors are quite obvious and don’t provide much of privacy, however this can be fixed by adding a window treatment.


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