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French Сountry Interior Design

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If you want to make your interior in a country style,yet want to keep the elegance of your personality in it, then perhaps you should consider the French country interior design. This post will introduce to the basics of this intriguing chic interior style.

Elegant French style

French always keep it to the core, everything around is elegant, haven’t you noticed? Even the laid back and relaxed country style is turned into a delicate flower that won’t show itself to strangers. This post will help you in creating the elegant french country style. The french country style has originated in the south of France, not surprisingly and gained its popularity far beyond France.

Unlike other country style designs the French one starts with luxury in every corner, but behold… it doesn’t have to be covered in gold and diamonds. Displaying rich textures and colors along with elaborate furniture designs it seems all that it takes. One of the important features of the style is the use of patterned wallpaper, and it doesn’t mean that wallpaper would be modest. Using dark colored wallpaper would increase the drama of your interior, while using the brighter flowery variations significantly change the whole message. The colors that are a common one are foamy greens, brown and gold, and occasional turquoise blue, mahogany and lavender.

It is actually a common practice to use the same upholstery pattern as displayed on the wall, either on the curtains or the wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to use many details, because that is what this style is about: intricacy. The overall design is very feminine, because of the millions of details that it offers to the eye. Also a popular view is the little coffee table here and there along with decor items. However, try going for the simplistic choices, it is not baroque style after all. Perhaps using rustic furniture, or cast iron one is one of the solutions. Using different fabrics is the important aspect of French country décor, as they present the quality not only for the eyes, but for the hands.

French Interior


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