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Flooring for Kid’s Room

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Flooring in kid’s room not only suffers from a huge load, but also has to create the conditions for comfortable and healthy development of a child. That is why the choice of the flooring material should be approached with special care.

Flooring Materials for Kid’s Room

Rug for kid's room

Puzzle rug for kid’s room

Currently, flooring for kid’s rooms presents a number of specific requirements. In particular, the floor has to be hypoallergenic, antistatic, durable and practical. In addition, the floor should retain heat well and be environmentally-friendly, because it is no secret that children really spend much time on the floor just playing their favorite games.

The main types of flooring that are used in children’s rooms are parquet, carpet, laminate, linoleum and cork. Coverage of those materials has both advantages and disadvantages, which determine the choice of the consumer.

One of the most environmentally-friendly natural materials is parquet. For these characteristics, it has for a long time remained the undisputed leader among other types of flooring. Furthermore, parquet flooring is a sufficiently strong material which retains heat.

However, despite all these advantages parquet has quite significant drawbacks. Firstly, it is pretty expensive. Secondly, parquet is a natural material and calls for a careful maintenance, which can be problematic in a kid’s room.

The alternative to parquet can be laminate flooring, which is not inferior to parquet in beauty and simulates a variety of woods and even stone. But undoubted advantage of laminate flooring is its high degree of impact resistance, which allows this floor covering withstand considerable loads. In addition, laminate floor is antistatic, which is very important for children’s health.

Today linoleum is widely used in children’s rooms. Linoleum is water-resistant and can be cleaned by most household cleaners. As for the environmental issue, the linoleum manufacturers have tried to satisfy the most discriminating tastes of consumers and offer a choice of not only artificial linoleum, but also its natural counterpart.

Another type of flooring used in children’s rooms, is cork, which is becoming more popular these days. Due to its structure, the cork has shock-absorbing properties, allowing your child to play active games without fear of painful falls. In addition, cork excellently retains heat and is easy to maintain.

Fitted carpet is also widely used in kid’s rooms. Carpet can be laid on the linoleum, parquet, laminate perfectly complementing them. It provides child safety, due to its softness. Moreover, it is not slippery. It is a warm and hygienic floor covering.

The best option is rugs, which are based on latex or jute with natural pile, non-flammable, easily washable and antistatic.

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